Indese has been working to make the world a better place since 2009. 

Indese Academy & Therapy Center has been working to make the world a better place since 2009. They care for children and families by providing them with someone they can trust, putting their well-being first in everything that matters most for little ones!


Our dedication to our clients and ABA therapy has allowed us not only expansion but also to continue growth in helping those who are struggling from their challenges early on as they might face difficulties throughout life’s journey.


We believe people with special abilities can achieve anything they put their minds to if allowed personal care & attention along with appropriate supportive programs designed just for them!


Indese Academy & Therapy Center believes that all people should be able to live their lives with independence and dignity. Our goal is for our students not only to become more independent, but also to have a sense of self-worth along the way as they grow into adulthood.


It is the belief that people with special needs have capabilities for intellectual and emotional growth never imagined before. A belief that personal care and attention, carefully developed programs, and objectives can help achieve milestones.

A belief that all people with special needs can step out in the community and be as independent as possible.

This is not just what we believe here at Indese Academy, this is what we strive to achieve.


Our mission

Indese Academy & Therapy Center is committed to providing a safe, peaceful environment that encourages individualized academic and social growth for all people with developmental disabilities.


Our students go beyond the classroom and become active members of their communities. We offer a curriculum based on ABA therapy, which is widely recognized as one of the most effective evidence-based treatments for autism, with successful outcomes in almost every case, thanks to its use by professionals like ourselves!


This proven approach is used to develop a customized treatment plan to teach language, social, self-help, academic, daily living, and life skills.


Indese Academy & Therapy Center is dedicated to empowering individuals with special needs, and we have a passionate team of professionals who are focused on making an actual difference in the lives of everyone they encounter.


We’re an academy committed to fulfilling the hope and dreams of parents by bringing special needs individuals into the light. We want everyone around us, no matter where they are from or their circumstances in life-to experience peace with ourselves as well as others because all human beings deserve this